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And I'm back!!! I've been bussy with my movie characters, who turned out to be more demanding then I thought. Yes!!!! A chalenge!!!!!  As you know (I hope), they are not compact characters, they are made of cells, and each part is moving separetly, but acording to actual movement. Also, they are ballet dancers.

And t ilustrate better what I mean, a little animation story board I like to do :

So you can see, each part is moving separetly, while fallowing the main movement. Tough (Yaaaaay).


Good news!!! Producer liked my movie idea!!! I still need to make more elaborated character sheet, and do some animation, to show what kind of movement I've planed, but generally speaking, they liked it!!!! OMG I'm so exited!!!! I can't even walk normally, I'm just skipping around the place (and confusing my cats). So, today, just one watercolor. I am working on some Pratchett sketches, mind you. I'm a bit obsessed with Death and the Family.

Remember those sketches of Jack? They turned into this :


I love Jack. I can put him into sooooo many positions! One day, I'm going to animate him dancing. He rules.
Also, a new sketch :

In other news, I'm talking with the producers, which is good (go me!!!!). Also, I've been sketching elves again (blush). What can I say, they are adorable. So, Finve and Feanor :



And now, off to read more Terry pratchett!!!!!!
Still waiting for my Movie project to be evaluated by the Producer. Grrrrrr....I have no fingernails left, people!!!! Do hurry up!!! On the other hand, I have time enough to do watercolors, and walk around aimlessly. And sketch. So here :

I really don't get people who don't like Nature. How can you not like Nature? But I do know people who freak if they see a wasp (or a fly). Vierd. And anal ('scuse my French). Anywhooo...I think I'm really getting back in shape with watercolors.
And two sketches of something I'm working on right now :

I like Jack. He is such a character!!! One never knows is he good, or bad. And it doesn't matter.

Return of the...Long Absent One

I'm back!!! And I'm happy to say, I am done with one of my New Year's Resolutions : I've finished my Storyboard!!!!!! :D :D :D I handed it over to the Producer, and it's in the evaluation process. I'm not going to say anything else. I don't want to hex it.
Also, my Watercolor Quest is still going strong, and I think I might achieve some improvement (even if i say so myself). So here :

I called it Bruthus, for no obvious reason, except that I think it's cute. Silly, I know.
Then there are quickies:

Finally, a more finished one, done in the forest. I absolutely adore forests :

And just for the Hell of it, a few sketches. People are such an inspiration for me .

That's it, for now. I hope that I'll be here more often now. I'm not going to promise that, though.

May. 11th, 2011

Oh my God!!!!! I just discovered I haven't been here for almost a month. That's a bad Ana, bad, bad, bad!! Good news is, I'm almost done with my storyboard, so yay!!!! Let's go. Firs, a few sketches of people on the Bus station. And people in the bus. Which gave me a brlliant new idea for the movie, but it has to wait. I need to finish the one I'm working on right now.


When my little nephew saw this one, he asked : "Why is kitty sleeping on Gina's head?" I explained everithing about sketching, and paper formats. He looked at me, and asked : "Why is kitty sleeping on Gina's head?" I let out a long suffering sigh, and said "Well, they are friends." Which is true.

That's it for the sketches. I must mention that I spend three wonderful, exciting days in Varaždin. I was a jury member at the VAFI, international festival of children's movies (animated). I was thrilled when Sandra called me and asked me to participate!!! Also, Varaždin is a beautiful baroque city, so I thought, great!!! I'm gonna walk around a bit and do some watercolors. After all, I have three days. Ha ha ha!!! I forgot I'm a jury member. Mind you, I met some truly great people there. But I did this little caricature of our wonderful hosts :


And now...Watercolors!!!!! I think I'm getting better with each one I do. Firs, Gina and her little friend (the one that was "sleeping" on her head :

Next, It's a tree. Hey, don't laugh!!!! I LOVE trees!!!!

I'm amazed about the number of dandelions this year. I love them. I told my little nephew that those are little fairies, and naturally, him being a seven year old boy, he went to fight them. Then I told him that he should be beware of their revenge at night, when he falls asleep. They will sneak up on him, and get into his nose. I hope I didn't give him nightmares (snicker). That kid is great. Also, he likes to imitate me. I mean, he walks around with his own little sketch pad, and actually sketches. I adore him!!! so, two little dandelion fairies :

And last, but not least...tam tam tamtaaaam....A scene from Terry Pratchet's novel "The Hogfather". Go read it. No...Really...Go read it. I call this "Cheering the Cheerful Fairy". I'm all about fairies lately. It's not very far from elves.

And now, if you'll excuse me, it's time for football!!!!! Go Barca!!!!!!! Messi is God!!!

Apr. 17th, 2011

Yes, yes, I know. I've been away a long time. My reason for it is very good; I'm fulfilling another New years resolution : finishing my storyboard. Also, I'm animating another cat. So, no cat sketches this time. Sorry. Let's go :
This I call, Spring is here (jumps around madly) :


Few quick pencil sketches of people :

More elaborated version of Veles :

And a little piece inspired by a scene in Terry Pratchett's novel "Hogfather". I call it "Trying to cheer a Cheerful Fairy" :

This is not finished yet, but just to prove I was not lazy. One of my favorite Tolkien characters (guess who) :


Promise to be more agile.

Apr. 6th, 2011

 First of all, my apologies for not posting. My internet decided to die,for now. But that doesn't mean I was lazy! Onwards with it!
As usual, few of my students :

Another Feanorion :

Recently, I started to draw sketches of Slav Gods. This is my first sketch of Veles. I tried to stick to his atributes :

Another one from my life with cats :

And last, but not least, Spring is here!!! Sketches from my usual Parents visiting trips :

  These are people on the Bus Stop.

People in the Tavern I was waiting in for my Dad to pick me up.

A quick sketch of a trees :

And finally, my very first live watercolor sketch!!!!! Yay!!!! Just a small one, a little bit of Spring (sighs happily) :

And damn, I'm happy for Schalke!!!!!! 
I've been busy, I'm happy to say. First, may I present a sketch for my new, ongoing project called "My life with Cats" :

One day, I just might turn this into a movie. Onwards!!! As per usual, one of my students :

And last, but not least, another Tolkien inspired work. I'm a bit obsessed, I know :

And now I'm off to do some more animation. Yay!!!!

Mar. 16th, 2011

A new watercolor. You might remember it in the "sketch" faze. I just changed things a bit :

And now I'm off to do more concept sketches on Himring. And oh boy, what a game Bayer-Inter was!!!! I wish they both could pass.

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